Vaccines & Immunizations

Here are two comprehensive websites to educate yourself on vaccines and your kids.

National Vaccine Information Center -

Vaccine Information Coalition -

Knowledge in today's world - is extremely important to your child's health!

If you read through these articles, links to websites, and videos - you will find a wealth of information and resources on childhood vaccinations.

Let's start with the basics.
When a baby is born, it is important to breast feed. It may not be the easiest form of feeding... mommy has to be around most of the time, or use a pump... it is not always convenient... it may not actually be very comfortable to breast feed.

The facts however, are irrefutable! Formula-fed babies are much less healthy than breast fed babies!

Of course, it helps if mommy eats a well balanced & nutritious diet. But scientific research, as well as case studies prove that your child's good health starts with breast feeding.

Because a baby's immune system is 'passive' in the beginning - meaning the baby gets immunization passed on from mommy to baby through breast milk, until the child's own immune system develops, the baby needs 'passive immunization' through breast feeding.

An infant's immune system starts to develop with the help of the mother's passive immunity.

On average, research shows that an infant will have a mature immune system by ~ 9-12 months.

Research also shows that, if the infant is not breast fed (ie - formula fed instead), the immune system is retarded in growth and it may take several more months to mature.

Even at maturity - a formula fed baby's immune system is typically weaker than a breast fed baby's immune system.

Of course - genetics and environmental factors are important too.

Immunization theory does not hold true...
So let's take the Western Medicine theory at hand.

Medicine would have you believe that if you introduce an 'agent' (bacteria, virus, etc) to the immune system in a small dose - that this agent will allow the immune system to 'react' to it, and form antibodies to fight off the agent or infection. The theory so far is fair and valid. Where the theory or philosophy starts to leak however, is in the delivery system & schedule.

Let's take a common sense look at immunizations.

If your baby's own immune system has not formed yet until the average age of ~ 9-12 months... why is it then, that the medical community would want you to immunize your baby before that time?!

Think about it. If a vaccine agent is supposed to stimulate the baby's immune system and cause an immune system reaction... how on earth is that possible when & if the baby's immune system has not even formed or matured yet?!?!

At the very least - what would make sense (in accordance to the Vaccine Theory) would be to immunize children past the age of 12 months or older.

But is this what happens? Is this what is recommended?! NO!

Propaganda & misconceptions...
Vaccines in the U.S. are recommended well before a baby's immune system has even formed or matured. This is crazy!

In most states (and after 1996 under President Clinton), the recommended schedule of vaccines are 20-24 vaccines before the age of 24 months old!

Why is this? You have to look at the who, and why really.

Vaccines are a huge money maker for the big pharmaceutical companies. Make absolutely no mistake about it folks. The bottom line is, childhood vaccinations are a huge money maker for the drug companies. The more they recommend (through lobbyist in Washington DC), the more they sell... the more they profit.

Who else profits? The medical doctors. How? Well, in no way am I suggesting that any medical doctor would intentionally harm the health of a baby - but the facts speak for themselves. The CDC reports that childhood vaccinations cause a multitude of side effects... from the minor stuff like simple colds or flu's... to the extreme stuff like autism or death!

If your child gets sick after vaccines, that means more doctor visits or prescriptions. Which means - more money!

Did you know?
This is an incredible story that most average Americans are completely unaware of.

The U.S. government has a tax payer filled fund set aside, for the exact purpose of Vaccinations and side effects. Let me explain a bit more. The CDC and research proves that childhood immunization should never happen before a child's immune system develops and can handle the vaccines. Yet they are still given regardless. This is dangerous business! Because the CDC, medical doctors, pharmaceutical companies, and the U.S. government know that many children will be harmed severely and some will even die... the U.S. government has set aside a money fund to 'pay off' families whose kids are damaged or killed by vaccines... in order to protect the big, bad pharmaceutical companies!!!

When families try to sue at-fault vaccine makers in lawsuits, much of the time the U.S. government steps in and will hinder legal procedures and try to pay off the family with blood money set aside just for these situations! It is horrible; however it is true.

When the richest companies in the world (pharmaceutical companies) hold lobbyist, senators, congressmen, and government officials in their pockets... this is what happens.

And if you are asking yourself - why isn't the FDA doing anything about it? You have to understand that the FDA is one of the most corrupt branches of the government! Many of the FDA member panels - actually have drug company employees on them! And if not, many of the FDA members are actually proven to have financial ties to the drug makers.

It is a ridiculous system. Hence why YOU need to know this information, and make educated decisions about your child's health!

Do not let them bully you
Some parents actually know all the dangerous risks of vaccines, yet still choose to immunize their kids. Why?

Most of the time, it has to do with the intimidation factors.

How will i find a pediatrician who will not force me to vaccinate my kids?

How will my kids go to regular school if they are not vaccinated?

Interesting questions, and there are good answers.

There are holistic pediatricians that are fully aware of the dangers of childhood vaccines and choose not to force parents down that risky road.

There are many of the top medical researchers in the world, that are speaking out against the dangers of vaccines.

One of the top researchers at a big pharmaceutical drug company in England, quit his high paying job and went public about the many side effects of immunizations last year. He is not alone.

More & more medical researchers and doctors, are speaking out against this awful travesty.

What can you do?
The first step you need to take, is to become an educated consumer.

On this website and in this section, i have some research articles you can read. You Tube video links you can watch on vaccines. We list several websites that are devoted to this topic alone.

If you care about your child's health and safety, it is important that you spend time to learn these truths.

A medical doctor's perspective
In speaking to a pediatrician not long ago... I was interested in his views of childhood immunizations. His comments were astonishing to say the least!

He stated that (he) was becoming more & more aware of the dangers of vaccines. He saw many children severely hurt in his own practice! He said that if he could, he would like to give parents information on the risks of vaccines... but that it was his belief that if he did... the AMA may try to take his license away! Yikes! Another comment that he made, was that the reality in a pediatrician's office was that childhood vaccinations were a big money maker! Insurance companies do not fight these charges and pay well for vaccines. If this pediatrician stopped giving vaccines, it would be practically committing financial suicide!

Wow! So you the parent, are the one who needs to take charge of your child's health & safety. You are the ones who have your kids best interests at heart.

Preservatives & Additives in Vaccines
If Vaccines themselves were 'all natural'... it would not be so bad.

But because the pharmaceutical companies are businesses... they treat their 'product' like all companies do.

They want to make the 'product' in the most efficient way, the cheapest way, and sell at the highest price they can. They also want a product that will have a long 'shelf life'.

To make a vaccine that only has a shelf life of 4 weeks... is so much more costly to their bottom line, than say, make a vaccine that as a shelf life of years & years.

Vaccine makers put all kinds of chemical preservatives & additives in their product!

And much of the time, it is these preservatives & additives that are more dangerous than the vaccine-agent itself!

Heavy metals like mercury, lead, etc. just to name a few.

It is all about the Almighty Dollar folks.

While some vaccine makers across the world, place less preservatives and additives in their product... much of the vaccines available in the U.S. are full of bad, dangerous chemicals & heavy metals that absolutely can harm your child's health!

It is a known fact now - that autism is linked to mercury-thimesoral in vaccines as a primary cause.

And do not be fooled. I have heard parents say that their MD's claim there are now less of these dangerous preservatives & additives in vaccines in the last year or so... yet the rate of harmful side effects and death from vaccines, are still at an alarmingly high rate. An unacceptable rate!

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