Treating Fibromyalgia In Orlando Article

Treating Fibromyalgia In Orlando

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Treating fibromyalgia usually entails medication and exercises designed to provide relief from the pain. The exact cause is unknown, so doctors tend to focus on treating the symptoms rather than the roots of the problem. Some physicians believe that the patient's nervous system is more sensitive to pain, and that over time, certain neurotransmitters develop a trace memory that causes them to react to pain even if there isn't any appreciable stimuli.

Regardless of the causes, the symptoms are the same. Pain can be felt all over the body, and noticeable tender points appear that hurt when touched.

"...Pain can be felt all over the body, and noticeable tender points appear that hurt when touched.."

The patient may suffer from sleep disorders, problems with the bowels may appear, and increased sensitivity to certain sounds, lights and odors may crop up as well, along with attendant conditions like depression and mood swings. Treating fibromyalgia means getting the patient to realize that the condition is manageable as much as providing relief from the pain.

Chiropractic Neurology Has Shown Success in Treating Fibromyalgia

While medication and relaxation techniques are commonly prescribed for treating fibromyalgia, chiropractic neurology has shown signs of promise as well. It follows the philosophy of more traditional chiropractic treatments in that it is non-invasive and uses no medication. Instead, it uses manipulation of the spine, brain exercises and specific stimulation involving light, sound and heat. In addition to providing pain relief, the technique is intended to give patients a better sense of control over their bodies and allow them to continue treating their fibromyalgia with confidence and optimism. Racine Chiropractic in Orlando, Florida can provide advice on treating fibromyalgia.

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