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Orlando Scoliosis Treatment

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Scoliosis treatment is best started early. The condition often manifests in childhood, causing the spine to twist and curve into an "S" position. Adult scoliosis is usually more severe only because the condition went untreated in childhood and had time to worsen. Its exact cause is unknown, though it appears to be a congenital condition rather than something arising from poor posture, injury or lack of exercise.

Treatment of scoliosis is akin to treating other forms of back injury or pain management. Mild cases of scoliosis--with curves of less than 20 degrees--can be treated through regular appointments with the doctor. More serious cases may require the use of a brace, which will prevent the back from further deteriorating, and surgery may be necessary in the most extreme cases.

Chiropractors Offer Treatment for Mild Scoliosis

Many people turn to chiropractic treatments as a way of dealing with mild scoliosis.

"...Many people turn to chiropractic treatments as a way of dealing with mild scoliosis.."

Studies are still ongoing about the effectiveness of the technique, and more serious cases will likely need to rely on braces and similar medical treatments. However, some patients with mild scoliosis state that chiropractic treatments help them with many pain management issues and prevent further degeneration of the spine. A chiropractor can also help diagnose scoliosis via x-rays or measurement of the legs before recommending a specialist in the area or suggesting a type of treatment that may be beneficial. Scoliosis treatment should always entail regular checkups with a doctor or chiropractor, which will allow patients to live fuller and healthier lives. Racine Chiropractic offers advice to scoliosis patients in Orlando, Florida.

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