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Sciatica is a symptom rather than a condition, which means that relief from the pain it causes can be treated by healing the source. It stems from difficulties with the sciatic nerve--the longest in the body, which runs along the lower extremities, including the buttocks and legs. In addition to pain and numbness in those areas, sciatica can cause problems with bladder control, which may indicate a more serious condition known as cauda equina syndrome.

Many times, however, sciatica is caused by a compacted nerve in the lower spine or discs that have slipped from their alignment. That can stem from repeatedly carrying heavy loads, from sitting in the same position for lengthy periods of time, and from changes in the spine that are related to age.

Advanced Chiropractic Techniques Can Provide Relief From Sciatica Pain

Traditional medicine relies on pain relievers or various forms of muscle relaxants to provide relief from sciatica. The most serious cases require surgery, which often entails removal of the herniated disc. Advanced chiropractors can also provide relief by realigning the lumbar vertebrae or the connected disc. Once that is complete, they can set up a physical rehabilitation schedule designed to keep the sciatica from returning. By eliminating the need for surgery, they prevent a lot of possible complications, which is especially important with older patients who may not want to take that sort of risk. Exact causes of sciatica differ, and people who need treatment may require varying methods to heal properly.

"...Exact causes of sciatica differ, and people who need treatment may require varying methods to heal properly.."

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