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Fibromyalgia is characterized by widespread pain and aches across the patient's entire body, demanding immediate relief. The exact causes of the condition are unknown. Doctors believe that some people simply have lower pain thresholds than others, which makes them conducive to fibromyalgia. In other cases, it can be traced to a specific injury of the spine or nervous system. Whatever its cause, fibromyalgia is a chronic condition, like migraine headaches, and pain relief may often be temporary. Long-term management of the condition is a better solution than a "miracle" cure or single treatment.

Chiropractic Techniques Can Provide Pain Relief for Fibromyalgia

A chiropractor can provide solutions for recurring conditions like fibromyalgia.

"...A chiropractor can provide solutions for recurring conditions like fibromyalgia.."

When the pain is widespread, it can likely be traced back to the nervous system, which chiropractic techniques can address. Misaligned vertebrae and lingering injuries can be corrected through non-invasive procedures, and patients can thus return to a chiropractor multiple times without running the risks of surgery.

In addition to direct management of fibromyalgia, a chiropractor can treat some of the attendant conditions that may stem from it. The pain relief brought about by chiropractic techniques can also bring relief from sleeplessness, migraines and irritable bowel syndrome, which often arise from fibromyalgia. In addition, a chiropractor can discuss long-term management strategies, such as exercise programs and better sleep patterns that can reduce the frequency of symptoms. Even in cases where there is no readily identifiable source of the condition, realignment of the spinal column can lead to increased pain relief and more energy to address fibromyalgia. Racine Chiropractic has offices in Orlando, Florida to handle fibromyalgia pain management.

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