Orlando Low Back Pain Treatment Article

Orlando Low Back Pain Treatment

Find Low Back Pain Treatment In Orlando

After the common cold, low back pain has resulted in more lost workdays than any other condition. It can be caused by a number of different factors. Herniated discs may expand out of their alignment and pinch the nerves of the spine.

"...Herniated discs may expand out of their alignment and pinch the nerves of the spine.."

Spinal stenosis occurs when the discs lose moisture, fusing the vertebrae together. Appendicitis and bladder conditions can sometimes cause lower pack pain as well. So can chronic posture problems or injuries caused by lifting heaving objects.

Treatment for Low Back Pain Depends on the Cause

Lower-back pain can be treated by any number of means. Many people simply take over-the-counter pain medications for it or use ice packs or heating pads. Topical treatments are usually temporary, however, and prolonged lack of activity can make the problem worse. Doctors don't recommend spending more than two days in bed because of low back pain. Instead, they suggest speaking to a specialist about proper treatment.

Scanning and x-rays can shed light on the root of the problem, and specific treatment can reduce or even eliminate the low back pain in a number of cases. Spinal manipulation of the kind practiced by chiropractors is not recommended in every case, but low back pain caused by herniated discs or misaligned vertebrae often benefits immensely from such treatments. Chiropractors can also suggest lifestyle changes, such as exercise regimes and improved sleeping habits, which can reduce the intensity of the symptoms. In Orlando, Florida, the offices of Racine Chiropractic have specialists who treat various forms of back pain.

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