Orlando Chronic Fatigue Treatment Article

Orlando Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatment

Find Treatment For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome In Orlando

Doctors still don't entirely understand the causes of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). It feels very much like flu or some other viral infection, except that it doesn't fade over time.

"...It feels very much like flu or some other viral infection, except that it doesn't fade over time.."

Those who suffer from it sometime lapse into depression. This is not because of anything caused by chronic fatigue syndrome itself, but because it simply goes on and on, with no signs of abating. Women are often more affected by CFS than men, but there is no evidence to support any physiological reason for this.

Chronic fatigue is characterized by the following symptoms:

* A persistent feeling of tiredness that does not improve with rest (the "chronic fatigue" of the name)

* Sore throat or enlarged lymph nodes in the neck

* A loss of memory or an inability to focus

* Sleeplessness or an unusual shift in sleeping patterns

* Headaches

* Body aches that shift from joint to joint, with no signs of swelling

Advanced Chiropractic Treatment Can Address Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Doctors have a wide variety of treatments for CFS, including a careful moderation of daily activity and exercise plans that usually involve steady increases in duration and effort. Medication can be prescribed for depression or low blood pressure, if it is warranted. In some cases, advanced chiropractic treatment may be very effective.

Chronic fatigue syndrome sometimes arises from an inflammation of the nervous system, which can be treated by realigning the nearby bones and supportive tissue. X-rays and a thorough examination can determine whether misaligned bones are the cause, and the chiropractor can operate in conjunction with other treatments if they are warranted. The Orlando, Florida offices of Racine Chiropractic can diagnose and treat CFS.

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