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Orlando Chiropractic Clinic

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The medicine practiced at a chiropractic clinic entails manipulation of the vertebrae and surrounding muscle tissue in order to provide health benefits to the rest of the body. Chiropractic clinics do not use drugs or other forms of medication, nor do they engage in surgery. Instead they focus on vertebral subluxation symptoms attributable to misaligned spinal segments, which if corrected will have beneficial effects elsewhere in the body. Though technically a form of alternative medicine, chiropractic clinics are widely recognized by the remainder of the medical community and can address issues like lower back pain, vascular conditions, aching joints and various forms of rehabilitation therapy.

A visit to a chiropractic clinic typically starts with a physical examination.

"...A visit to a chiropractic clinic typically starts with a physical examination.."

The physician will ask for the patient's medical history and get a general idea of the condition he needs to correct and then proceed with an observation. His efforts may include percussive or auscultation methods as well as more common procedures, such as x-rays and bio-analysis. He can then determine what kind of structural modification needs to be made in order to address the problem.

Chiropractic Clinics Can Combine Disciplines or Focus on Straight Therapy

The exact approach depends on the chiropractor, though the techniques are divided into two basic categories. Mixed chiropractic clinics combine their discipline with other techniques, such as acupuncture and physical therapy. Straight clinics focus solely on treating subluxations. A third discipline, spinal analysis, focuses on energy fields and the patient's emotional state, but its theories are still comparatively new. In Orlando, Florida, the offices of Racine Chiropractic treat patients for subluxations and similar conditions.

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