Orlando Carpal Tunnel And Chiropractic Article

Orlando Carpal Tunnel And Chiropractic

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Carpal tunnel syndrome affects the median nerve, which controls some of the most important muscles in the hand. The carpal tunnel itself consists of the bones and ligaments that surround the median nerve. When those ligaments become swollen, they can pinch off the nerve, resulting in pain and numbness in the hand. Many people believe that carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by repetitive actions at work, but there is little clinical evidence to support that. It may be caused by biological predisposition, injury to the hand, arthritis or bone spurs, among other reasons. In some cases, there is no apparent cause.

The syndrome can be detected by a number of different tests.

"...The syndrome can be detected by a number of different tests.."

The most common is a pressure-provocative test in which an inflatable cuff is placed on the wrist to put pressure on the carpal tunnel. A newer test, called the carpal compression test, applies pressure to the thumbs directly over the median nerve. Both have proven effective at identifying the condition and separating it from similar maladies, such as writer's wrist and simple aches.

Chiropractic Therapy Can Treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

A number of different treatments for the condition exist, including medication and hand splints. Many people suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome seek out chiropractic therapy. The treatment usually entails manipulation of the wrist and elbow as well as treatment of the upper spine, if the chiropractor believes it is warranted. A chiropractor can also suggest therapy for stretching and relaxing the wrist to keep the carpal tunnel syndrome from returning. Racine Chiropractic has offices in the Orlando, Florida area that treat carpal tunnel syndrome.

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