Nervous System & Spine

Your nervous system controls and coordinates every function of your body. It is your nervous system that allows you to adapt to, and live in your environment. A large portion of your nervous system passes through your spine. It is your spinal cord that acts as the major cable exiting your brain, travels down inside your spinal column and branches off into spinal nerves at various levels of your spine. The brainstem is surrounded by the Atlas bone (C1). The spinal nerves then exit between individual spinal vertebrae and go to the various parts of your body. To be healthy it is essential that your nervous system function properly and free from any interference caused by subluxations.


Subluxations can cause interference to the nervous system at any point along the spine where the nerves exit. Subluxations are caused by improper positioning or misalignment of bones or joints - that create pressure or interferrence to the brainstem or nerves. This can adversely affect the function of various parts of your body, and ultimately your health.

It Controls Everything!

Since your nervous system controls everything in your body - if you have a health problem or pain - it makes sense that we would look to the 'control system' first. Nerve insult (subluxations) can cause just about any condition, health problem, and pain you can imagine.

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