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Neck Pain Relief In Orlando

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A strain or a spasm in the muscles of the neck can lead to considerable pain, though getting relief is often as simple as taking a break from lengthy work. Chronic or recurring neck pain, however, may require more extensive treatment for relief. Upper-cervical damage can arise from poor posture, failed surgery and bad sleeping habits or from serious conditions like meningitis. In all but the worst cases, however, chiropractic therapy can provide relief from the pain.

Neck Pain Relief Often Comes From the Reduction of Stress in the Upper-Cervical Region

The top seven vertebrae in the spinal column are among the most important because they provide the primary support for the head and brain. When they are out of alignment, they can pinch the nerves leading to the brain, causing a variety of problems. Herniated discs can also interfere with the functioning of the nervous system while placing stress on the neck muscles and causing recurring pain. Chiropractic treatments rely on manipulation of the bones and discs to restore them to their proper balance.

"...Chiropractic treatments rely on manipulation of the bones and discs to restore them to their proper balance.."

In addition to providing relief from neck pain, they free up blood flow in the neck and help the nervous system respond better to signals from the brain.

Chiropractic techniques are often preferable to other forms of medicine in providing pain relief to the neck. Medication simply masks the problem by reducing the symptoms while surgery can entail significant complications if it fails. Chiropractic techniques lack any invasive procedures, making them simpler and easier to apply than surgery. Racine Chiropractic in Orlando, Florida specializes in upper-cervical procedures.

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