Lower Back Pain Treatment In Orlando Article

Lower Back Pain Treatment In Orlando

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Most chiropractors see a considerable number of patients for lower back pain treatment. The lower or lumbar portion of the spine can suffer pain when bones are out of alignment, discs (the wheels of cartilage between the bones) become herniated or surrounding muscles suffer a pull or tear. The term used is subluxation, which the chiropractor seeks to correct by manipulating the bones and joints.

Lower Back Pain Treatment Entails Careful Planning

Like other specialists, a chiropractor will first engage in a thorough analysis of the patient.

"...Like other specialists, a chiropractor will first engage in a thorough analysis of the patient.."

He will conduct a physical examination and may take x-rays or engage in computerized imaging to isolate the source of the problem. From there, he can work up a plan for the treatment of lower back pain, either by arranging for a series of in-office treatments or combining such treatments with help from other specialists.

The chiropractor will either use his hands or a specialized device to deliver a controlled push to the misaligned body part, with the intention of fitting it back into place. This can take just one session, or it may require multiple visits. The aim is to treat the lower back pain with an absolute minimum of intrusiveness or side effects. A qualified chiropractor may suggest visiting other healthcare professionals to make sure the problem receives the treatment it needs. He may also combine "straight" chiropractic treatment with other disciplines, such as massage or acupuncture, and he should be able to recommend exercises or lifestyle options to provide further relief. Racine Chiropractic offers lower back pain treatment from its offices in Orlando, Florida.

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