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Atlas Orthogonal refers to a specific part of the spinal column that can be treated with chiropractic techniques. The top vertebra in the spine, C1, is referred to as the "atlas" because it supports the head and skull structure. (The term comes from the rebellious god in Greek mythology, who was sentenced to carry the whole world on his shoulders.) Orthogonal is an engineering term referring to right angles. Ideally the body's atlas should be in the orthogonal position--at a 90-degree angle from the head.

A Misaligned Atlas Creates Problems That Chiropractic Techniques Can Solve

When the atlas vertebra is misaligned, it can cause all manner of difficulties.

"...When the atlas vertebra is misaligned, it can cause all manner of difficulties.."

The body's posture attempts to compensate, which creates additional stress on the shoulder joints, the rest of the spine, the knees and the ankles. Without proper adjustment by someone with advanced knowledge of chiropractic technique, the pain may become chronic. Furthermore, the position of the atlas near the skull means that adjusting it needs to be done delicately--even by doctors well versed in chiropractic technique--lest misalignment interfere with signals from the brain to other parts of the body.

Atlas Orthogonal has been developed by chiropractors as a means of making advanced adjustments without the use of force. It relies on a thorough examination of the area to be treated, followed by gentle application of a percussive sound instrument. The waves generated by the instrument will move the atlas back into an orthogonal position gradually, without relying on pressure or more invasive procedures. Racine Chiropractic in Orlando, Florida practices advanced chiropractic techniques with an emphasis on Atlas Orthogonality.

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